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Women's section Arabic Linguistics Institute

Arabic Linguistics Institute women's section in King Saud University is one of the many outstanding achievements of the Institute, which was opened in 2010/2011. Since its opening the women section held several courses, both public and private, including Arabic language courses for health workers, this included students from King Khalid hospital and King Abdul Aziz hospital.
The women's section is located in faculty residences at King Saud University and occupies two apartments in two different buildings; the first apartment is No (1) in building (27) it contains classrooms, the second is apartment number (1) in building (26), it contains administrators offices and faculty
The number of female students in the section grown to approximately fifty students, due to the overwhelming response to study Arabic, which encouraged the Institute to develop and attract elite professional female teachers of a master's degree in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers.
The section provides two programs to students residing in Saudi Arabia; the first is morning intensive program, five days a week, four hours a day. The second program is the evening program, three days a week, two hours per day.
For enquiry please contact:
Women's section general supervisor:
Dr. Mohammed I. Al-Fouzan
Tel: + 966 1 46 92969
Morning program Responsible:
Mrs. Foza Al shammari
Tel: +96614682692
Fax: +96614682359
Evening program Responsible:
Mrs. HEND Al-Qahtani
Tel: +96614682692
Fax: +96614682359