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In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah. Blessings and peace be upon the prophet.

Welcome to the Arabic Linguistics Institute website at King Saud University. The institute was established in 1394H-1974G. It has been being a pioneering scientific edifice specializing in teaching Arabic as a second language national wide. It is a scientific reference for many specializing institutes locally and globally regarding publications, researches and applied linguistic studies; for example, the educational series (Arabic for life, Arabic for juniors and Arabic for the world), and the establishment of an international conference on teaching Arabic electronically.

The institute consists of three academic departments namely, language and culture, applied linguistics and teacher training. The institute seeks to provide a motivating environment for teaching and learning, improve quality through continuous development of academic programs and plans, encourage staff members to conduct scientific research in the field of applied linguistics studies and to enhance the learning process. Moreover, the institute has recently established a research chair of teaching Arabic to the speakers of other languages which aims to achieve scientific and linguistic researches to develop the field of teaching Arabic as a second language.

The institute has witnessed some considerable developments on both academic and administrative levels. It has therefore gained some achievements such as obtaining the international accreditation by the French accreditation and evaluation agency for research and higher education, obtaining the national accreditation by the national commission for academic accreditation and assessment, and obtaining the ISO certificate.

Our ambition is to continue in providing a scientific and educational environment encouraging scientific production and the establishment of a scientific journal specializing in teaching Arabic as a second language.

Finally, we hope that this website can be seen as a communication bridge between us and our valuable visitors and that it will help them to know more about the institute, its objectives, departments, programs, administrative units and various activities.


Dean of the Arabic Linguistics Institute

Dr Saad bin Mohammed Al-Gahtani