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Department head message

Vice institute for Postgraduate and scientific research in Arabic Linguistics Institute supervises the graduate and Research Center and Scholarship Students and outstanding faculty and researchers unit. The vice institute also supervises the Master program in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, which follows the teacher section of the Institute and also higher diploma program in the training of teachers of English to non-native speakers which follows teacher training section in the Institute. Perhaps the diversity of these units and program provide a general perception about the vice institute of postgraduate and scientific research in the Arabic Linguistics Institute at King Saud University to develop scientific research, which makes the cornerstone in the development of several aspects of the Institute. The vice institute seeks to attract outstanding members of teaching and researchers. The do their teaching duties and undertake research, and contribute noticeable in upgrading the Scientific Institute students. It was the attitude of the various departments in the Institute to ensure the selection of qualified assistants to complete their studies in global universities. The vice institute will continue, God willing, in this role to attract distinguished teaching assistants to Institute departments. And follow-up abroad students in their studies to return to Institute with higher certificates, and take part in teaching and research, the different departments of the Institute now has sent sixteen students abroad for master doctoral study, distributed at global universities in United States, Britain, Australia and China. Also Research Centre had an important role in encouraging faculty members to distinguished research. It supported over the past few years a number of research conducted by faculty in different departments. This role will continue, God willing, to give scientific reference comes from the needs of the Institute of applied linguistics in Arabic. And encouraging this trend a selected Faculty Research in the Institute and the Chair of none-Arabic speakers. Distinct testimony obtained from ancient universities. And their research published by global scientific receptacles. And their authorship or translated books. And the overall supervision of the graduate programs in the teacher training departments and teachers to undertake great responsibility on the vice institute for graduate studies and scientific research in the Institute. The Master Program of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers produced by teacher's department is unique in its program, It is the first of its kind at the level of KSA universities, We hope to be distinct in the outputs which will hopefully benefit many possibilities at the institute and the University. Also the higher diploma program in the training of teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers, and also offer teacher training department. The program has undergone several stages of development for over 30 years. Starting with a short training course for one semester, then teacher training diploma, Then a diploma in training teachers for one year. We hope this program will continue to evolve in the coming years to become more diverse the training needs of teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers. And finally, The institute vice institute of higher Graduate and scientific research should continue this scientific mobility and the teaching and research, And with various units of the Institute and its ambitious hope through the Institute's strategic plan for the next five years, Hopefully Institute milestone at King Saud University, distinct channels and economy knowledge channel in Saudi society.

Vice-dean for graduate studies and scientific research 

Dr. Majid Bin Mahmood Al Hamad