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About the department

Vice-deanship for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

The department of graduate and scientific research supervises all research programs at the Arabic Linguistics Institute including postgraduate programs and the research Centre. The department provides services throw the following two units:

The unit main objective is to provide supervision and assistance to faculty members and postgraduate students, to improve their research skills. The unit activities include but not limited to:

Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Unit:

  • Supervise scholarship students studying at or outside the Kingdome, and receive their reports.
  • Survey ALI's needs of research assistants at the three programs (i.e. Language and Culture, Teachers Training, and Teachers Preparation).
  • Design and implement training programs to improve research and affiliated capabilities among ALI's faculty members and graduate students.
  • Represent the institute at KSU's research entities.

The centre main tasks are to:

Research Center:

  • Provide consultation and assistance for all ALI's faculty members and graduate students.
  • Conduct research and studies in linguistics, applied linguistics and language teaching.
  • Publish scientific research submitted by ALI's faculty members or researchers from other institutions.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:10am