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Student Rights and Activities Unit

About the Unit

Students' rights and activities unit undertakes a lot of tasks including:

  • Implementing regulations and special rules related to students activities at the institute.
  • Preparing students activities plans at the institute and developing them according to the general framework of the activities.
  • Coordinating the tasks of cultural, social and sports committees and forming them.
  • Facilitating external communication to carry out different students activities.
  • Implementing students' rights regulations and policies at the university.
  • Forming the sub-committee of students' rights protection unit at the institute and the selection of members according to the regulating rules to the function of students' rights protection unit at the university.
  • Receiving students' complaints and verifying them, recommending required procedures and sending them to vice-dean for academic affairs.
  • Organizing programs for students to be aware of their rights and duties through hosting students' rights protection committee at the university and coordination to host the advisers.
  • Receiving students' opinions about the academic and educational environment.
  • Organizing programs and activities which promote the positive relationships between students and their professors such as competitions, tournaments and festivals.
  • Coordination with the relevant authorities within the institute and university about the scope and tasks of the unit.
  • Forming sports teams and following up students' participations in tournaments and competitions among colleges.
  • Conducting competitions and tournaments among students in the levels and departments in available sports games within the institute or the university sports facilities.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:10am