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Teacher Training Department

Welcome To Teacher Training Department

Our objectives

  • Introducing teachers of Arabic as a second or foreign language to modern methods and theories in the field of applied linguistics .
  • Improving teacher's linguistic , cultural and professional abilities
  • Providing teachers of Arabic as a second or foreign language with skills necessary for designing and development text books.

The department offers two training programmes for teachers of Arabic to non native Arabic speakers both aim to develop their scientific knowledge and practical skills Around 1300 language teacher's graduated , from the department since it started in 1977 The department started this year ( 2007 ) its new programme of the ( post graduate diploma for teacher's of Arabic tow non – native speakers ) which is designed for high qualified teachers of Arabic to be introduced to modern methods and theories in language teaching and improve their professional skills in this field . we aim at serving Arabic around different parts of the world . As we receive applicants from different parts of the world.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 12:37am