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Directors message

Definitely, scientific research forms the basis for progress and advancement.  It is also true that the encouragement and generous support for serious and distinct scientific research is among the main factors for advancing this vital field as one of the indicators of advancing any community. In our field of languages, we can be certain that the scientific revolution and steady growth witnessed by the world during the past five decades have been the result of the active movement of research, led by renowned world academic centers due to supporting scientific research and attracting researchers in all areas of concern to human knowledge and advancement.

I would like to mention here that Arabic Linguistics Institute (ALI) are among the fertile research environments for all types of linguistic research, particularly with regard to language learning and teaching. Herein the teaching or learning process itself in all its elements and components becomes the subject of research, consideration and study. Perhaps language acquisition longitudinal and case studies that became famous in the literature of second language learning had been the outcome of the availability of such educational environments thanks to the close and extensive observations they offer education stages and its progressive development. Added to this are the publication contributions language institutes require in various fields. Such publication contributions, for example, include setting up databases (in language, its structures and dictionaries), corpus studies, lexicons, vocabulary lists, authoring instructional materials and the like.  

Finally, the Arabic Language Institute Research Center is pleased to reiterate the call for all researchers to submit their applications for consideration and submitting them to the financial support channels at the university in accordance with the rules and regulations in force, wishing ongoing good luck to everyone

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:10am