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Services of the Research center

Although the Unit’s activities and work characterize by diversity and overlapping in line with the research nature and the needs of each researcher, the services undertaken by the Unit can be classified into three tracks:

  • First: Counseling
    On top of services that the unit can contribute to is offering scientific advice on issues relevant to the concerns of language education.  Thanks to available expertise at the Institute, The Research Unit offers these consultations. The Unit may seek expert advice from within or outside the university in accordance with regulations.
  • Second: Conducting Research:
    The Unit’s core functions also include conducting research on various topics and issues relating to linguistic and educational areas.  Such research studies are of the main tasks whether they are from within the plans proposed by the unit, from those outside it by faculty members at the university or via cooperation between the unit and legal or personal parties- inside and outside the Kingdom- according to regulating rules.
  • Third: Scientific publication
    The scientific research unit also supervises the publication of research where researchers submit their proposals before undertaking or after conducting them to win the Unit’s funding and to benefit from its services and capabilities. Such services include peer reviewing research and relevant services alongside publishing the research by the unit.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:10am