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Objective of the Research center

Research Centers provide services and consultations on request to researchers, whether being faculty members, graduate students in the Arabic Linguistics Institute, or from outside the university- like those interested researchers and institutions within and outside the Kingdom. This scientific activity can be in the areas of language or education or in any area that intersects with the mission of the Institute or with the contents of the programs it offers. The objectives the Center for Research in the Institute offer can be classified as follows:

  • Contributing to materializing the mission the Arabic Linguistics Institute has been established to realize the causes undertaken by King Saud University in the service of its nation
  • Stimulating and encouraging the scientific research movement and providing assistance to various faculty members and researchers
  • Providing scientific advice in the areas that intersect with the various concerns of the Institute, as well as planning for studies, data collection methods, and subjecting instruments to jury reviews.
  • Encouraging research projects submitted by agencies outside the university, and coordination with relevant departments of the Institute and University about conducting them.
  • Publication of books, scientific studies and research products that the Research Center approves alongside the direct follow-up and peer reviewing of studies before dissemination.
  • Implementation of research projects within and outside the university, according to the regulating rules.

The Center for Research in the Institute collects studies published via the Unit by faculty members of the Institute through the University or outside. The Center also collects a set of the books specializing in language instruction alongside a number of general references in different language and education areas in the field of Arabic language instruction. The researchers can make use of these scientific resources inside the unit. The beneficiaries of this are the faculty members, teachers at the Institute, students following the institute’s programs as well as researchers at King Saud University.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:10am